Simple Solutions Workshop with Sally Glossop

Problem solving sessions for parents/carers of children and young people aged 0-25 with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

SIBs Group

A fun, supportive and nurturing activity group for children who have a sibling with special needs. 

SPACE for Girls

A six week carousel  of bespoke activities for girls which may include baking, yoga, hair and make-up, mindfulness and other practices

The PDA Elephant in the Room

A local support group for parents and carers of children with PDA.

This is an informal gathering where parents and carers can meet to discuss and support each other through the ups and downs of life with PDA.

Lego Club

Set up for children on the autistic spectrum and those with special needs. It is a friendly place where they and their parents can enjoy a change of scenery whilst really being themselves! This is a relaxed event for children and young people to create, socialise and develop friendships.

Autism in Herts Celebration of Learning

For Health, Social Care and Education Professionals.

This specialist workshop includes:

  • sensory assessment
  • positive behaviour support
  • indirect therapy
  • ASD and sexual health 

To include:

  • guest speakers
  • messages from research
  • services and support in Herts

Fir, Fed & Read

Fit Fed & Read is a free school holiday activity programme that operates out of Fire Stations across Hertfordshire during the school Easter and summer holidays. The aim is to provide “a high-quality holiday activity programme ‐ including support with literacy ‐ in Hertfordshire’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with a nutritious meal every day, free of charge.”

Zones of Regulation Course

Designed to support students with self-regulating their emotions, recognising emotions of others and recognising the impact of their behaviours on the emotions of others.

First Aid course for Teens

A four hour Basic Life Support course for young people and adults who babysit or care for children run by Clearaid (for further information visit Courses are relaxed, relevant and work on a practical basis to ensure that you gain confidence to step up and deal with any First Aid situation you could find yourself in. All attendees will receive a certificate.

Raising Boys Course

Four sessions for parents/carers run by Vista St Albans .

We will explore:

  • Differences between boys and girls development
  • How to discipline boys and give them boundaries
  • Why boys do what they do and what motivates them
  • Getting the best from boys at school